Looking Less Tired? These Beauty Products Cover Up Tiredness

“You look tired” is a phrase no one wants to hear. You are trying to keep all the balls in the air and you know you should sleep more. So an extra confirmation of how tired you look is unnecessary. You are quite aware of it. Because we all sometimes – more than we would like – go through busy periods with a lack of (sufficient) sleep, we set out to research beauty products to bypass the “you-look-tired” remark in the meantime.

Our favourite beauty products to fight signs of fatigue

Magic sun power

The summer period has just ended and you may also have experienced that when you have just returned from holiday, people are more likely to say “How good you look” or “you are glowing”. You are effectively glowing because if you have trekked to a sunny destination, you will probably have returned with tanned skin – our apologies to those who burn easily. Tanned or lightly toned skin, always looks fresher and healthier. So go for an all-year-round tinted skin.

Our favourite is Collistar’s magic self-tan drops. Add 2-3 drops to your night cream and wake up with a natural healthy glow on your face. These magic drops don’t stain, but be sure to include your neck well for a natural result. The fine fragrance is a nice extra.


Collistar - minder moe uitzien - The Acquired Report - Self tan druppels


Another product we can recommend is Lancaster’s self-tanning facial gel. This 365 self-tan, as the name says, can be used every day for a natural tan on your face. In fact, if you are economical, it will last you the whole year. We recommend applying it before or after your day cream.

Vitamine boost

A self-tan allows us to imitate the sun, but sometimes our skin also needs extra vitamins. Especially when you experience a lot of stress and towards the winter months – a period when our skin has a tougher time of it, your skin could use a boost. Babor’s Multi-Vitamin ampoules provide intensive care and protect against external influences such as cold and wind. The result is a fresh feeling and vital radiance. First, cleanse your face and then apply the ampoules with your palms to your face, neck and décolleté. Gently pat it into the skin – suddenly giving yourself an uplifting massage. Next, apply your day cream.

Babor - Multi vitamin ampoule - minder moe uitzien - The Acquired Report

Bye Bye stress skin

Fatigue and stress are usually an inseparable duo. Stress, in turn, causes hormonal imbalance in many women, which manifests itself in hormonal acne. Which, of course, does not make for a fresh look.

Thanks to your input via social media, we discovered The Ordinary’s niacinamide serum.

We were already fans of the organic cold-pressed rose hip seed oil as a daily skin oil before and after bed for even and hydrating skin.


The niacinamide serum goes a step further and tackles imperfections and pimples resulting from an imbalance in your hormones due to a lack of sleep. Moreover, it has been chosen by beauty platform We Are Eves as one of the winners at the We Are Eves Honest Choices

Do you have a favourite beauty product that helps you handle the signs of tiredness? Let us know so we can add it to the list and share it with other women.

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