SOS Winter Hair Routine

Winter hair routine

We love the winter cosiness, but our hair is less happy about it. Due to the cold outside air, your hair doesn’t retain moisture as well as it should. In addition, the warm air inside the house has a drying effect on your hair. The result? Dry, brittle or static hair and an oily scalp. Time to change your hair routine and make your hair winter-ready. Let’s get winter-ready!

1. Adjust your hair-washing routine

Washing your hair is great, especially when it is cold outside and you can get into a hot shower or a foaming bath. However, it is best not to wash your hair more than 2-3 times a week. Daily washing speeds up sebum production and creates an oily scalp. Do you find it difficult to phase out your washing routine? Use a dry shampoo in between. Also, don’t shower too hot, as this will also make your hair – and skin – unhappy. Finally, adapt your hair washing routine with an extra caring shampoo. The Hydre Moisturising Shampoo, for example, provides extra nourishment for dehydrated, frizzy hair. Happy hair, happy you!

2. Make conditioner your BFF

In winter, we can’t stress the importance of conditioner enough! Conditioners nourish your hair and help close its cuticles. This way, your hair is better protected from external influences. This makes for cared-for and smooth hair, less frizz and healthy, glossy hair! For dry winter hair, we recommend the Hydre Moisturising Conditioner. Please note: only use your conditioner on the ends! Avoid contact with the scalp, as this also makes it greasy.

3. Must-do: treatments

To get rid of dry and static hair you need intensive care. You can do this by giving your hair some extra TLC every week! A weekly hair mask or treatment gives your hair the extra boost it needs. The Hydre Treatment hydrates dry, dehydrated and frizzy hair and gives it silky body and shine.

4. Protect & repair

In the winter we don’t want to go out with wet hair, so we quickly reach for the hair dryer. Heat can be harmful to hair, so we recommend protective and repairing products. The Trilliant Spray prevents damage and provides protection against heat up to 200 degrees. No.Breaker Leave-In Bonding Spray penetrates deep into the cuticle, repairs damage and reduces breakage by up to 99%. Finally, finish your look with our favourite: the Dark Oil Silkening Fragrant Mist, for (extra) nourishment, shine, body and smell… a blend of sandalwood, cedarwood and argan oil: delicious!

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