6 Reasons A Steamer Is Better Than An Iron


Should you use a steamer or an iron?
There are those moments you want to wear a particular item, but you find it all wrinkled in your closet. A wrinkled outfit doesn’t look very neat or sophisticated, but you are short in time to take out the iron, heat it and iron your garment. Moreover, certain fabrics just wrinkle more easily than others, even when you store them well in your wardrobe.

The solution: a steamer!

Here are 6 reasons why a steamer fits better into your dressing routine than an iron.

1. A steamer removes more than wrinkles

Both make your clothes wrinkle-free, but a steamer goes next level. Thanks to a steamer, you also remove most of the bacteria in your clothes. Moreover, it removes unsavoury odours that accumulate due to perspiration and odour-rich environments such as restaurants and cafes and exhaust fumes.

2. Multifunctional

Of course, you can use a steamer in the first place for your beloved clothing items. Although, a steamer can be used for multiple purposes. Think of freshening up your sheets, curtains, pillows, carpets, etc.

3. Longer enjoyment of your clothes

Washing less helps your clothes maintain their beauty and colour for way longer. In the meantime, keep steaming to freshen up your items.  Even clothes you need to bring to the dry cleaner – which can be costly and takes time – or have to wash by hand – which also takes time)  can be taken care of with a steamer. So, thanks to steaming, your clothes will last longer while you save money and time and always be neat and stylish. #winwin

4. For all fabrics and materials

Steaming works great on all types of fabrics, including delicate and thick fabrics. Denim, cotton, wool, linen, silk, batik, … You name it.  You can take care of them all by simply using a steamer. Even clothes with buttons, lace or sequins are easy to steam while ironing can be a bigger challenge.

5. Better for the environment

Steaming requires only water and heat and thus non-polluting compared to using detergents and other chemicals.

6. Time-saving

Steamers these days have a short start-up time and don’t require an ironing board. Ideal for quickly steaming your clothes in the morning and getting out of the door looking well-groomed. Moreover, a daily steam that gives you immediate results and enjoyment is much more convenient and efficient than spending hours ironing in the evening or at the weekend – and ending up with a wrinkled item in the morning.

BONUS: Choose the best of both worlds

Still not convinced of getting rid of your iron? The best of both worlds exists, named the PerfectCare 9000 Series Stoomgenerator of Philips. It’s also the only steam generator that knows what you’re ironing,  thanks to its detection technology, ActiveSense. By using a built-in camera and AI, it knows what you are ironing and adjusts the ideal temperature and amount of steam for excellent results. Ironing – or better said steaming – has never been so quick and easy!

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