Wardrobe Kit: 3 Essentials To Give Your Wardrobe A Refresh

Garderobe kit: 3 essentials om je garderobe een opfrisbeurt te geven - The Acquired Report

In the morning, you want most of all to be able to get out the door effortlessly, stress-free and as quickly as possible, in style. Besides the eternal dilemma – a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, other things can also delay your stylish entrance to the office. With these 3 essentials on hand, your wardrobe will give you no more surprises.

1. A (hand-) steamer

You take a piece of clothing out of your closet that you really want to wear that day for that one special presentation or meeting. Only, it’s wrinkled – because of that overstuffed closet. Ironing takes you too much time. That’s why we prefer a steamer over an iron. Steamers also work well on delicate fabrics – which wrinkle a little faster – such as linen and silk. For home use, we are particularly fans of the Philips Steam Generator. It heats up in no time and you can use it for both ironing and steaming. Thanks to the ActiveSense, it recognizes every fabric and adjusts the temperature and amount of steam accordingly. If you’re someone who travels a lot for work, or prefers something quick and compact, we recommend a handheld steamer. Convenient and fast to use and small so ideal to take with you in your suitcase or have as a backup in your desk drawer.

2. Lintroller

You can never have enough lintrollers. Pet hair, dandruff or any other unidentified lint, a lintroller makes them disappear in no time. A must-have for keeping your clothes looking neat. You can buy these anywhere. Make it a habit to regularly roll over your clothes in the morning and throughout the day.

3. Electric fabric shaver

Especially now that we are opting for more comfy wear and knitwear has become a fixture in our wardrobe, an electric depiller is a must-have. If you have garments in your wardrobe that are looking a little tired and worn, a depiller could be just what you need to give them a new lease of life. Whether it’s tangled scarves, sweaters or jackets – save yourself replacing them each season and give them a little care instead. It does take some time, but in the long run, this means you’ll enjoy your clothes more. Besides, it’s strangely satisfying work. So an ideal relaxing moment with a good glass of wine and TV series in the background.

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