3 Key Reminders To Continue Your Healthy Habits – Also When It Becomes Busy

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Hopefully, you had a good summer and did take the time to rest well and be fully charged. September feels for many like a new beginning. Although, you are fully charged, make sure you prioritize your health in the coming months, leading us into the winter.

Therefore, 3 key reminders – which cannot be repeated enough – for the upcoming months, so that you don’t get overwhelmed, can enter autumn and winter healthy and fit and can continue your healthy habits.

First things first, what’s health?

Let’s pause at the meaning of health. Your health is so much more than the food on your plate. There are other aspects in your life just as impactful to consider. Relationships, your home environment, spirituality, physical activity, social life, finances, career, joy, creativity. All aspects that define your (inner) health.

The challenge is to find balance and satisfaction in every area of your life – pursuing holistic health is what it comes down to.

3 key reminders for a healthy lifestyle

1/ Habits instead of a goal

Following a strict eating plan or diet as your health goal is very often not feasible.
It is radical and not practical. It allows you no room for food freedom or flexibility.

We want to encourage you to implement habits instead, striving to keep the good practices and replace the bad ones. If you can get one percent better each day for one year, you’ll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you’re done. What starts as a small win accumulates into something much more.

You can compare it with saving money. If you save a little bit of money today, you won’t be a millionaire by tomorrow. Another example is learning a new language. If you take a language class today, you still haven’t learned a new language. Here comes the power of repetition. You should continue saving money and learning the language for a longer period to experience change.

All the small wins start with implementing small habits.

2/ Focus on the journey

Healthy is not a finish line to cross. It is finding a system that is endless and you can continue. A system that consists of good habits that will transform and support your lifestyle. That is the secret to success.

Keep always in mind, If you have difficulty adopting a good system of habits, it’s not you failing. It’s the system that you use that doesn’t work for you. Keep implementing and testing new habits, until you find the perfect fit for your personality and lifestyle. Fall in love with the system and the habits that you created for yourself to become a healthier version of yourself.

Success is the product of daily habits, and not a once-in-a-lifetime transformation.

3/ Keep working at it

You don’t have to be extreme, just consistent. If you want to master a habit, the key is repetition, it will take less and less motivation as you do it more and more.

How you can keep working at it? Make good habits as obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying as possible. Break a bad habit by making it invisible, unattractive and difficult. Moreover, knowing that someone is watching, can be for some people a great motivator.

Another great rule to apply is to never miss twice. The first mistake is never the one that ruins your healthy lifestyle, it’s when you continue missing the opportunity.

To end, be aware you will make good and bad choices daily, but we encourage you to continue aiming for having more good ones than bad ones. Never lose the courage to move forward. Moving forward is good enough!

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