What To Wear To A Brunch? Acquire Brunch Outfits

brunch outfit ideas - what do you wear to a brunch

Going for brunch is a popular weekend activity to catch up with friends and family and talk about life, careers, and all in between. Not that there are specific rules about what to wear for a brunch. Usually, people like to dress up in something comfortable but chic and stylish as well. Here are some brunch outfits you can create with items you probably already have in your wardrobe and are perfect to wear for a brunch.

Casual brunch outfits

When you go for brunch, you want to wear an outfit that you feel comfortable in. When you just want to keep it casual, jeans, a cute top and blazer is your go-to brunch outfit. You can make it edgier with a graphic T-shirt, or chicer with high heels and a blouse.

Formal brunch outfits

If you go to a fancy hotspot, attend a brunch with your colleagues, or brunch for a special occasion like an engagement, wedding, Easter, or birthday, your dressing game can be a little bit fancier and formal by using your suit or work dresses. Make your outfit more brunch-proof by adding trendy bold accessories, high heels, cute sandals, and so on.

Outfits for a summer brunch

Besides midi skirts and maxi dresses, a summer brunch is a perfect excuse to wear those shorts and mini skirts/dresses where you can show your legs. Make them less beachwear by combining them with a blouse and/or blazer from your work wardrobe. Now you can put your bare legs in the picture, and highlight them even more by wearing your favorite heels. Make your outfit complete with a summer hat, a colorful scarf, and a cute bag that’s too small to use for work.

Outfits for a winter brunch

Cozy winter brunches ask for cozy warm outfits. A winter brunch is a perfect occasion to wear your oversized knitwear. Balance it out with skinny jeans and boots or make it more tailored with your suit pants. Another great combination is one of your work dresses with over-the-knee boots.


In general, when you dress for brunch, you can easily use your wardrobe essentials and have fun with trendy colors, patterns, and accessories to make it brunch-proof.