Denim On Denim Outfits For Your Style

Denim on denim outfits based on your personal style

We all love good denim, and with spring arriving, the more, the better as the denim on denim outfits are on trend. Luckily denim is timeless and it’s easy to style with any closet essential. So probably you have already everything within your closet to acquire this trend. If not, denim is easy to acquire in second-hand stores. Dress it up or dress it down, denim comes with the promise of options. Which options depend on your core style. We listed all the styles and give you tips and tricks on how to acquire the denim-on-denim outfit for your core style.



Classic blue jeans never go out of style. Although, when you are a true classic type, you maybe prefer not to wear jeans as it feels too casual. Luckily dark-wash denim is rising during spring 2023. The deeper wash looks more polished and sophisticated. To give the denim-on-denim trend a go as a classic type, opt for a suit or straight jeans in combination with a blazer in denim. You can also add a classic blazer as a layer on your denim on denim outfit. 


As a bold type, dark denim is also right for you if you want to switch with your normal go-to black jeans. Break the denim on denim look by adding a belt, scarf, or leather jacket. Combine with (ankle) boots to finish the look.


When you have an innovative style, implementing trends is already being true to your core style. So you can totally experiment. Opt for patchwork items and mixed wash styles. Select types of denim made of recycled fabric from old pairs or offcuts to show you are with the sustainability and circularity shift. Too many choices? Let yourself be guided by your sub styles that are determined in part by your mood, the occasion, and the environment.


One of the major denim trends for spring 2023 is the denim maxi skirt. The denim trend for the feminine core style. Chances are you have one in your closet if you are someone who keeps items or these are easy to acquire second-hand. You can also opt for a denim jumpsuit that accentuates your waist. Finish the look with high heels.

Comfortable casual

As a comfortable casual style type you like a good pair of jeans if the fit is comfortable and not too tight. A skinny exemplar will not be the perfect pair. Enjoy the wide-leg trend as this one is super on-trend right now. 


As well as in the closet of the sportive core style, jeans cannot be missing. Good for you the cargo pants are now also trendy in the denim variation. 

Casual chic

Denim is essential for a casual chic core style. You can keep your outfit formula of jeans in combination with a white shirt and add a denim shirt as a layer. Make it more sophisticated by adding a belt and or blazer. 


Denim comes this spring also in other colors. Perfect for the eccentric style who loves to incorporate color. The typical blue denim also leans perfectly to add volume or colorful accessories to make your denim on denim outfit eccentric and totally you.