Why Is It Important To Dress According To Your Body Shape?

Waarom is het belangrijk om je te kleden naar je lichaamsvorm?

Did you know that 91% of women feel insecure about their body shape?

At the same time, many women are not even aware of what body type they have.

A wrong impression is that your body shape has to do with weight and health. Your body shape is determined by 2 objective criteria:

  • The width of your shoulders and hips and the ratio between the two
  • A defined or undefined waistline

But feeling bad about your body shape does not change your body shape!

In addition, 2 more criteria come into play that will help determine how best to dress to get the most out of your body shape:

  • Your height (petite vs tall)
  • Your cup size

You van read more about the different body types here.

Clothing vs body shape

We are so used to “trend shopping” that we forget or don’t know how to really work with the body shape we have been given.

If you are aware of your body shape, you can choose to balance your body shapes – for example, by putting certain accents differently or camouflaging parts – or dress according to your natural silhouette and create more harmony in your outfits.

The advantage of the double C’s

By dressing according to your body shape, you get two benefits from your outfit: confidence & comfort.

An outfit put together according to your body type is comfortable and you will enjoy wearing it. In addition, an outfit tailored to your body shape will highlight your strong points, which (in)directly contributes to your confidence.

Moreover, the two Cs also interact. An outfit that is comfortable will make you feel more confident, and an outfit that makes you feel confident will make you feel comfortable and come across as more relaxed.

Would you also like to get instant recommendations on what clothes are best to wear for your particular body type? Then go here to the body shape analyzer.

We are able to offer the body shape analyzer thanks to our partner Contour Lab.

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