How To: Plan An Outfit For The Work Week In 4 Steps

Everyone does planning. Our daily to do’s, the shopping, housework, children’s activities, sports occasions, dinners, haircuts and so on. Planning makes you feel fulfilled and calms your mind. So, why not plan your outfits to reduce stress and save time? It will give you more thinking space for important decisions without sacrificing style. Here are 4 steps to plan your work outfits.

Here’s how to plan your outfits for the work week

1/ Practical

When you start planning your outfits for the upcoming work week, it is important to know what your week will entail on a day-by-day basis. So include your diary when you plan your outfits. This will help you choose outfits strategically and practically. For instance, on days when you are running from here to there, you want to make sure your outfit tolerates comfortable shoes, such as loafers instead of high heels. On a day with a client meeting or presentation, you probably want a more professional outfit than when you work from home all day. If you’re in the office all day and still have to go to a networking event or dinner in the evening, you’ll want to make sure your outfit is easy to transform from desk to dinner when you can’t make it back home.

2/ Make sure you have a set pattern

Walk through each day in exactly the same way and pull out the clothes that fit your schedule. Start with the main items like trousers, skirts, dresses, blouses, suits and blazers. Then you can adjust your accessories like bags, jewellery and shoes.

Not much time? Then these 4 tips can definitely help you put together a stylish outfit quickly.

3/ Try on your outfits

Try on each outfit to make sure it works for you. You want to exude your professional self and personality and feel productive and good in every outfit. If you skip this step now, you risk having second thoughts before you have to head out the door, right? Then you have to change again, stress levels shoot up and you might still be late for work or appointments. So make it a fun me time moment now and give – and allow – youself more time during the week.

4/ Hang your outfits separately

Buy a small clothes rack or provide space in your wardrobe and hang all your outfits for the working week there, including your underwear and accessories. That way you only have to grab your outfit in the morning, you can focus on other things that are important to you and navigate business in style.

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