How to style your sportswear from desk to gym and back.

How to style sportwear - The Acquired Report

Thanks to the work from home era and the ask for more comfortable fashion, it’s no surprise we revisit this decade for inspiration in the athletic field. Sportswear has become the new athleisure. Think butter smooth leggings, oversized items, bodysuits, shorts and more. These items aren’t just for the gym, but styled right for everyday wear.

How to style your sportswear from desk to gym and back.

Style tip 1: Balance

To pull off the athleisure trend, the key is all about balance. A tight legging pairs well with a voluminous shirt and/or blazer, while a high-waist pair of shorts is the perfect companion to a fitted top or bodysuit.

Style tip 2: Layering

Another way to style your sportswear is layering. You can use your everyday staples for it. Your yoga outfit gets a classic vibe by adding an oversized blouse on top or a longer blazer.

Style tip 3: Accessorize

A sporty outfit gets an everyday vibe the moment you add your daily shoes, some accessories and a bag. Your everyday jeans and tee becomes sporty with a pair of sneakers and a baseball hat.


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