How To Wear Pink

One of the trend colors of spring 2023 is pink. From blush shades to bright fuchsia and from accessories to pink suits. We saw the return of hot pink appearing on fashion runways (a.o. at Valentino) and red carpets. With the new Barbie movie, we expect the trend to only increase. Therefore, here is your guide on how to wear pink. Remember, check out if the trend suits you, and shop in your own wardrobe first. 


1. What to wear with pink: color combinations

Pink is a color that works well with many colors. Which color you combine with pink depends on what impression you want to make and what your core style is.

For example, (fuchsia) pink combined with black will work well for a bold style type, while (light) pink combined with navy blue is a rather classic color combination that works well for a classic, casual chic, or feminine style. Worn in combination with beige, pink gives an extra professional tone.

An eccentric style is created by combining pink with warm red or orange. The opposite – a more subdued look – is created by combining gray and pink.

A fresh, feminine look is created by wearing pink and cream together. Especially with wedding season approaching, this is an elegant color combination. Use silver or gold accents for an elegant and rich look.

2. Use the color as an accent color

If bright colors are not your thing, you can choose to incorporate the trend color as an accent. A bag, shoe or jewelry can be a subtle – and more durable – way to participate in this trend. A pair of pink shoes under your favorite jeans or a pink clutch to go with your little black dress will give your outfit a trendy touch without having to buy a full outfit. If you want to go for more of a statement piece, you can opt for a jacket.

3. Closet advice: opt for an investment piece

Trends come and go. Therefore, don’t go overboard by shopping for an entire summer wardrobe in pink. Choose a piece or accessory that you are investing in and that will add value to your current wardrobe. See how you can combine the piece with items from your own closet and thus reduce the cost per wear as well as your carbon footprint.

4. Go tonal or monochromatic in pink

An outfit completely in pink is a very chic and sophisticated way to wear this color.
If you have combination skills, you can combine pink in different shades and go for a ton-sur-ton outfit. Tone colors – think fuchsia pink and light pink – complement each other. The lighter shade softens the look, while the brighter shade acts as a highlight.

Do you prefer to play or save? Then go for a monochromatic pink outfit by choosing a suit, jumpsuit, or dress in pink. That way you won’t have combination stress.

5. Go bold – and put-together – with a print

Do you like to wear prints? They usually contain different colors. Use one of the colors in the print for the other item. Even the color in the smallest detail of the print can make for a nice whole. Moreover, the colors do not have to match identically if you do not wear them directly together.

6. Too feminine? Go for oversized

Would you like to embrace this trend, but don’t want a too-feminine look to suit your style? Pair a pink garment with an oversized item or go for an oversized pink model.