Style Essentials | Classic, Minimalistic And Comfortable Casual Style

The curated style essentials of the signature style of our community to inspire you

Signature items | Classic, Minimalistic and Comfortabel casual style | The Acquired Report

Having a classic style while looking for minimalism and comfort. This can be expressed through a neutral colour palette and minimalistic prints like a delicate stripe, a small flower or a subtle plaid.

All three styles – Classic, Minimalist and Comfortable casual -have a love for pure and soft materials such as silk, linen and cashmere.

You can finish your outfit with a flat – sometimes slightly more sporty – shoe and with no or limited, minimalist accessories.

Combine the 3 styles by choosing the classic items with a more oversized fit or pair them with a stylish sneaker and/or cosy knit.

The combination of the styles reflects a value of competence while keeping it creative and fun. If you want to integrate more the values of energy and fun, try choosing a colour (accent) now and then.

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