Summer Outfit Formula For The Office

zomer outfit voor naar kantoor

A heat wave always results in a bit of a style conflict when it comes to clothes for going to the office. In the home office, most may be melting down, those who are slowly making their way back to the office will quickly become aware of the eternal struggle with the cold air conditioner. By the way, did you know that the temperature of an office is adjusted to a man’s body temperature and therefore we are usually too cold? We are already sharing our favorite summer outfit formula for going to the office.

Formula for a summer outfit for the office

Always stylish with a white women’s blouse

It’s a classic, the white blouse, but a classic that works anytime and for everyone. A white shirt is a must-have for your work wardrobe all year round. In summer, it’s best to choose an oversized version. Pleat your sleeves for a casual and more trendy look.

During hot summer days, it’s best to choose a blouse in a breathable fabric. Tencel is great fabric to wear during the summer. Tencel is thin (yet strong), airy and ventilates well to keep your body cool. Moreover, it feels as soft as silk, making it comfortable for your skin. Finally, tencel is highly water-absorbent, so it also absorbs sweat. Handy during a heat wave!

A wrinkle-free skirt

Airy skirts are the go-to items during the hot summer months. Of course, you want to make sure your skirt is office proof. Therefore, opt for a midi skirt. It’s stylish and summery.  We’re not a fan of creases anyway, but especially on hot days, you don’t want to be ironing and steaming – sorry linnen. A wrinkle-free fabric that is also sustainable, is recycled polyester. You also save yourself ironing if you just hang the clothes up after wearing them. Do you still want to iron or steam it? Then you can already do that at a lower temperature and it will be fixed in no time.  As a bonus, this fabric doesn’t absorb moisture, but sends it outside so it doesn’t leave (sweat) stains.

Neutral color palette

Summer is obviously the time to experiment with color and print.  Although neutral colors keep things fresh. Therefore, on warm days, choose business beige and finish your outfit with a colorful accessory. You can also choose a plain neutral blouse with a colorful and/ or printed midi skirt or vice versa.

What about sandals to work?

Every season, the same question arises: is an open toe allowed? If your office is not too formal and you take care of regular pedicures: definitely!  Although nothing beats a nice classic pump with a comfortable heel or stylish mules. Flip-flops are to be left at home – and also outside the home office, please.

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